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Meet the Whales

Northern Resident Killer Whales



A12 Matriline (11 whales in 2018)

Scimitar (A12) - the family matriarch, an adult female thought to have been born in 1941 - sadly Scimitar (A12) has passed away and is no longer available for adoption.

Simoom (A34)
- adult female born in 1975 with five offspring; Echo (A55), Misty (A62), Eclipse (A67), Hope (A80) and Rainy (A96)

Echo (A55) - adult male born in 1990

Misty (A62) - adult female born in 1994 with three offspring; Dusky (A83), Fantome (A91) and Blunden (A107)

Eclipse (A67) - adult female born in 1997 with one surviving offspring; Tuzo (A102)

Hope (A80) - young male born in 2004

Dusky (A83) - young whale of unknown sex born in 2005

Fantome (A91) - young male born in 2009

Rainy (A96) - young male born in 2010

Tuzo (A102) - young whale of unknown sex born in 2012

Blunden (A107) - young whale of unknown sex born in 2013

Barlow (A112) - young whale of unknown sex born in 2016




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Photo: Lance Barrett-Lennard
Misty (A62) in front with her two calves, A91 in the middle and Dusky (A83) surfacing on the outside.