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Southern Resident Killer Whales

The Southern Resident killer whales generally travel in large pods of closely-related individuals within predictable ranges and feed exclusively on fish, primarly salmonid species. The Southern Resident population roams the waters off southern Vancouver Island around Georgia Strait and the San Juan Islands. Learn more about the Southern Resident killer whales.

Most whales in the Southern Resident population are named after specific places or unique features such as Ruffles (J1) who has a very distinct wave to the trailing edge of his dorsal fin. All whales are given names when they are added to the Adoption Program by the researchers who first encounter them. For information on new calves born in the Southern Resident killer whale population visit the "New Killer Whale Baby" page of the Center for Whale Research





Six matrilines in the Southern Resident community are available for adoption. Each whale's scientific number, adoption name, gender and year of birth are listed below. Click on the matriline names to view the family trees and more detailed information.   


J Pod (J Clan)

J9 Matriline

  • J17 Princess Angeline (F1977)
  • J35 Tahlequah (F1998)
  • J44 Moby (M2009)
  • J46 Star (F2009)
  • J47 Notch (M2010)
  • J53 Kiki (F2015) 

J4 Matriline  

  • J19 Shachi (F≤1972)
  • J27 Blackberry (M1991)
  • J31 Tsuchi (F1995)
  • J39 Mako (F2003)
  • J41 Eclipse (F2005)
  • J51 Nova (M2015)

J7 Matriline

  • J16 Slick (F≤1972)
  • J26 Mike (M1991)
  • J36 Alki (F1999)
  • J42 Echo (F2007)


K Pod (J Clan)
K18 Matriline 

  • K21 Cappuccino (M1986)

K8 Matriline  

  • K14 Lea (F1977)
  • K26 Lobo (M1993)
  • K36 Yoda (F2003)
  • K42 Kelp (M2008)




LPod (J Clan)

L37 Matriline 

  • L72 Racer (F1986)
  • L105 Fluke (M2004)