Give a gift that will help protect the future of our wild killer whales!

           By adopting a wild killer whale, you’ll become a key partner in the research effort!


Once widely feared, killer whales are now far better understood than they were four decades ago. But today there is a growing concern for their future. Prey quality and availability, underwater noise, physical disturbance, pollution and other human activities all pose a threat to the whales and their fragile marine environment.

Studying killer whales in the wild is expensive work. Travel, equipment, boat supplies and maintenance are some of the costs faced by researchers in the field. After the field season, expenses include lab supplies and fees, software, student stipends and many other items.

Photo: Lance Barrett-Lennard                                                 Photo: Ocean Wise/NOAA/SR3  NOAA Permit 19091

  To adopt a whale, refer to the list of whales in the MEET THE WHALES section. Each whale has been identified with its scientific number, adoption name, gender (if known) and year of birth.


  Choose the ADOPTION PACKAGE that is right for you - symbolically adopt B.C.'s killer whales, adopt an individual killer whale or adopt a matriline - then purchase your adoption online.


You can also adopt by phone 604-659-3430 or print an adoption form and return by mail.  


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