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Northern Resident Killer Whales

Northern Resident killer whales generally travel in large pods of closely-related individuals within predictable ranges and exclusively feed on fish, primarily salmonid species. The Northern Resident population roam the waters off northern Vancouver Island and the mainland coast as far north as southeast Alaska. Learn more about Northern Resident killer whales

Most whales in the Northern Resident population are named after specific places off the coast of British Columbia, and within the range of the Northern Residents. For example Misty (A62) was named after Misty Pass near northern Vancouver Island. The Northern Residents are named by the researchers who study these whales.





Six matrilines in the Northern Resident community are available for adoption. Each whale's scentific number, adoption name, gender (if known) and year of birth are listed below. Click on the matriline names to see the family tree and more detailed information.  

A1 Pod (A Clan)

A12 Matriline

  • A34 Simoom (F1975)
  • A55 Echo (M1990)
  • A62 Misty (F1994)
  • A67 Eclipse (F1997)
  • A80 Hope (M2004)
  • A83 Dusky (?2005)
  • A91 Fantome (M2009)
  • A96 Rainy (?2010)
  • A102 Tuzo (?2012)
  • A107 Blunden (?2013)
  • A112 Barlow (?2016)

A30 Matriline

  • A50 Clio (F1984)
  • A54 Blinkhorn (F1989)
  • A72 Bend (F1999)
  • A75 Cedar (?2002)
  • A84 Klaoitsis (M2005)
  • A86 Cutter (?2006)
  • A99 Alder (?2011)
  • A101 Kamux (?2012)
  • A106 Nowell (?2013)
  • A108 Jamieson (?2014)
  • A113 Pering (?2016)






A4 Pod (A Clan)
A24 Matriline

  • A73 Springer (F2000)
  • A104 Spirit (?2013) 


A5 Pod (A Clan)
A8 Matriline

  • A42 Sonora (F1980)
  • A66 Surf (M1996)
  • A79 Current (?2004)
  • A88 Cameleon (F2008)
  • A103 Albion (?2013)

A23 Matriline  

  • A43 Ripple (F1981)
  • A60 Fife (M1992)
  • A69 Midsummer (F1997)
  • A95 Fern (?2009)
  • A109 Eliot (?2014) 






I11 Pod (G Clan)
I16 Matriline

  • I43 Penrose (M1983)
  • I51 Magee (F1986)
  • I98 Darby (M2002)
  • I106 Cultus (M2004)
  • I128 Rivers (?2009)
  • I129 Spitfire (?2009)
  • I144 Spiller (?2014)