The Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program is a program of the Coastal Ocean Research Institute, an Ocean Wise Initiative. All contributions go directly to research and conservation of killer whales in the wild. Contributions are tax-deductible both in Canada and the USA to the extent of the law.  


This Mother's Day, Give the Gift of Conservation

In killer whale culture, mothers are the matriarchs. Much like humans, killer whales learn from their mothers and form lifelong bonds. 

Give the special mother or grandmother in your life a truly memorable gift by adopting them a killer whale mother/grandmother. 

Our special Mother's Day adoption package includes all the benefits of the Individual Whale Adoption Package, plus a Killer Whale Mother's Day card.

Photo credit: Ocean Wise/NOAA   NOAA Permit 19091

Killer Whale Mother's Day card (seen above) features an aerial photo of a nursing killer whale calf on the front, and a write-up of the role of females in killer whale culture on the backside. 


Choose one of our featured mothers below, and also receive a Mother's Day card for that specific whale. 

  • Bend (A72) – Born in 1999, is a first-time mother – had a calf in 2014.

  • Racer (L72) – Born in 1986, is a mother of one son born in 2004.

  • Shachi (J19) – Born in 1972, is a mother of two (a daughter born in 2005 and a son born in 2015).

  • Mooyah (T19) – Born in 1969, is a mother of two sons (one born in 1995 and the other born in 2001).

  • Cedar (A75) – Born in 2002, a young mother of two (one born in 2012 and the other born in 2016).

  • Lea (K14) – A mother of three (two sons – one born in 1993 and the other born in 2008, and one daughter born in 2003).

  • Clio (A50) – Born in 1984, is a first-time grandmother to a calf that was born in 2014 to Bend (A72).

  • Ripple (A43) – Born in 1981, is a grandmother of two (one born in 2009 and the other born in 2014).

  • Simoom (A34) – Born in 1975, is an established grandmother of five – she has had six calves herself.

Example of whale specific Mother's Day card included in Mother's Day edition Individual Whale Adoption Packages for the featured mothers above. 

Buy a special Mother's Day edition adoption package by purchasing an Individual Whale Adoption Package and commenting 'Mother's Day edition' during checkout. If this is a gift, you can also add a personalized message to the recipient in the comment section that will be added to their welcome letter.