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Class Adoption Packages
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Looking for that unique gift for your students?
Why not consider a wild killer whale adoption?

This educational gift comes with information about killer whales and can be a great follow-up or segway into lesson plans related to the ocean, marine conservation, and wildlife!


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Class Adoption Package: ($89 plus shipping)

For $89 (plus shipping)

  • Personalized Adoption Certificates for each student (includes up to 30 certificates, extra certificates cost $2 each)
  • ID photo and biography of "your" whale
  • CD "Blackfish Sound" - featuring the sounds of BC's killer whales. Narrated by Dr. John K.B. Ford
  • Current and past issues of the annual member's newsletter, "Blackfish Sounder".
  • Adoption membership for one full year which entitles you to receive email updates and the next issue of the Blackfish Sounder



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The Class Adoption Pacakge comes     
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**Please note an adoption membership does not include a membership to the Vancouver Aquarium.