By becoming a member of the Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program you will be directly supporting research on wild killer whales. Continuing research will lead to a better understanding of the whales, their place in the ocean ecosystem, and the conservation measures necessary to protect them.


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Take a look at our newsletters for updates on killer whale populations in British Columbia and interesting whale-related stories; read our Research Blog for updates from the field and our Conservation Genetics Lab; and check out our In the News section for media articles about our research.  


 The Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program produces a print newsletter and email newsletters that provide news about the wild killer whales in British Columbia, as well as updates on the research projects funded by or associated with the Adoption Program.


The Whale News is our email newsletters that are produced quarter-annually and provide updates and/or recent sightings of the wild killer whales along the British Columbia coast, as well as interesting stories or upcoming events. Whale News is emailed to all current members of the Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program. 



The Blackfish Sounder is our eight-page, colour newsletter that is produced annually for active members of the Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program. Samples of the Blackfish Sounder are available under 'Members Newsletter'and active members or donors can log into the website and read the most current issues.