By becoming a member of the Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program you will be directly supporting research on wild killer whales. Continuing research will lead to a better understanding of the whales, their place in the ocean ecosystem, and the conservation measures necessary to protect them.


This summer, we are fortunate to share live updates on research being conducted by the Vancouver Aquarium’s Cetacean Research Lab, whose team is traveling along the coast of British Columbia to gain additional insights that will support its groundbreaking cetacean research. These updates are penned by the Aquarium’s senior marine mammal research scientist, Lance Barrett-Lennard and various research assistants that work with him. 



    First trip - June 27 - July 2

    Second trip - July 8- July 18



     First Trip - June 19 - July 4

     Second Trip - July 15 - July 26

     Third Trip - August 1 - August 10

     Fourth Trip - August 27 - Sept 5