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Notice to Mariners in the Northern Strait of Georgia

The BC Cetacean Sightings Network is conducting a Cetacean Census from August 5th-7th in the Northern Strait of Georgia (from French Creek/Madeira Park to Northern Quadra Island). Cetaceans are found throughout BC’s waters, but we currently receive limited information about how these threatened and endangered animals utilize this region. By reporting your sightings, you will help researchers determine the abundance, distribution, and habitat use of cetaceans in the Northern Strait of Georgia. [Learn more here]

August Whale News Available

In the August Whale News we share sightings of killer whales, an update on our field season, and more. [Read here] 


2016 Blackfish Sounder

We are pleased to announce the 2016 annual newsletter of the Vancouver Aquarium Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program, the Blackfish Sounder, is now available to read online. [Learn more]

Support Whale Research
donation to the Marine Mammal Research Program and/or the Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program helps fund important conservation based research on wild orcas in Canada and around the world.  [Learn more]

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